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The Barrier has been breached: new discoveries are challenging neo-Darwinism

Sep 8, 2021 | Science

Dr Rob reveals several new studies that are challenging the fundamental assumptions that underlie the neo-Darwinian synthesis. Specifically. the ‘central dogma of molecular biology’ (the thought that information only flows from DNA to RNA to protein) and the Weismann barrier (the thought that only the DNA ‘information’ in sperm and egg cells is inherited) are both wrong. Recent revelations have shown us that sperm actively absorb and use body-cell-sourced RNA in the epididymis, and one polymerase uses RNA templates in a newly discovered DNA repair system. Neither of these are supposed to be true. Can a vague idea from the 19th century withstand the assault of 21st century knowledge? Hardly. The simplifying assumptions made by Darwin and his contemporaries no longer hold up.

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Filming locations: Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and Kennesaw Memorial Park.

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