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Sexual Recombination, complex genetics, and challenges to the Out-of-Africa theory

Jan 25, 2023 | Genetic History, Science

Notes, links, and things to think about:

Biblical Genetics episodes mentioned:


A diagram of crossing over from Thomas Hunt Morgan, circa 1917.

Two consecutive crossings leads to gene conversion (if they are close enough)

HapMap data, Europeans, Chr 15 spanning the XXX gene. Each individual is represented by a pair of rows. Each column is a single letter in the genome, but the letters are separated by an average of ~1000 nucleotides, so this is not full sequence data.

Same as above, but for West Africans.

Two accidental three-generation families in the HapMap and 1,000 Genomes datasets. The dotted lines show where the two-parent-child trios connect.

The three-generation, 17-member CEPH panel

A recombination map of Chr1 for one child (child #5, if I remember correctly). Blue = letters that came from the paternal grandfather. Red = letters that came from the paternal grandmother. Green = a spacer region to represent the position of the centromere.

The number of recombined blocks vs the length of each block among the 11 children in the CEPH panel. Note: I totally messed up the explanation (and my hand motions) when I was describing this. I had something else in mind, but after filming, when I went looking for the image I had in my head, I realized my mistake. Either way, it is still an interesting image. It cannot be known how many of the singletons are sequencing errors of 1-SNP gene conversions, but see the Eberle reference above and how they claim to resolve many of the apparent errors.

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