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James 3 vs the anticreationists

Jan 16, 2024 | Science, Theology

A slew of videos has recently come out arguing for and against the work of Dr Jeffrey Tomkins, who claims humans and chimps are only about 85% similar. His detractors have made some massive blunders and I attempt to document them here. This is not to gloat, however. I understand that all humans are bigoted, biased, myopic, jealous, envious, etc., including all scientists. So, we’ll apply James 3:1 (“Not many of you should presume to be teachers…for know that we will be judged more strictly)  and Philippians 2:3… (Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit…) to the situation as we outline multiple lapses of logic and analysis that have been done in an attempt to discredit Tomkins’ work. To be fair, though, the main person in my crosshairs has admitted to making these mistakes. I am only documenting things for posterity.

Notes and links:

  • James 3:1–2
  • The 3rd Commandment
  • Dr Jeffrey Tomkins
  • Blast
  • Gutsick Gibbon, A Professional Creationist Agrees with Me: Tomkins Wrong, 30 Dec 2023.
  • Roohif, Jeffrey Tomkins is allergic to controls, 29 Dec 2023. Note: I made several mistakes when describing Roohif’s results. First, he was looking at older trace read datasets, not the contig database I (and Gutsick Gibbon, and Tomikins in his 2018 paper) have been working with, so his conclusions about vector, etc., contamination do not apply here. Second, I stated that he only tested a few of the problematic areas, but he actually performed several thorough tests. Third, I also conflated his analysis on non-aligning subsequences in Blast matches with his analysis of the sequences for which Blast failed to find any alignment at all. After being challenged on a few of these points, and upon re-watching the video, paying attention this time (!) I stand corrected. Yet, that was but a small portion of my presentation and I included it almost as supplementary information, trying to cover all bases. In retrospect, I could easily have left it out entirely.
  • Gutsick Gibbon’s Blast program on Github: GGBlast
  • Philippians 2:3–11

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