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Fighting among the creationists?

Sep 13, 2022 | Science

Dr Rob talks about how divisions and disagreements are not only necessary but also productive for scientific progress. Thus, when you see two scientists disagreeing, this does not mean they hate each other or that they are necessarily refuting each other. He talks about the debates within creationism, including the location of the post-Flood boundary, the role of natural selection in the created order of things, the usefulness of molecular clocks, the dating of the Exodus, and the location and timing of the Tower of Babel event.

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  1. Nate Loper

    Great video. Thanks, Doc.

  2. Sparky Purcell

    Being a frail, fallible human being, I have noticed something among believers over my 40 years of research, which is just that there has been minimal ability for many teachers/pastors to be challenged with a view different from their own. This has become what I clearly see as arrogance instead of humility., Something Papa God will not allow especially among leaders. I see so many creationists hungering to have the evolutionist hear them out, but even among the creationists there is the inability to evaluate another man’s view. I would enjoy a brief conversation with you Dr C. Thanks. Sparky Purcell is for anyone interested in exploring the deeper aspects of human history, but a history informed by the Bible.  

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