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My response to “Plandemic, part 1”

May 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

I will pull no punches here. This is atrocious: PLANDEMIC Part 1 (Dr. Judy Mikovits). It appears on YouTube under at least two titles. But, they are being taken down as I type. Search for “Plandemic”.

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On Wednesday night, I recorded a video and posted it to YouTube. It was far from perfect, but it exploded in popularity. I did not anticipate the number of views (71,000 and climbing after 36 hours), nor the vitriol that it would generate. I also prepared a shorter, cleaned-up video and loaded it natively onto FB.

I was commenting on an unusually long (>20 min) preview for an upcoming movie called Plandemic. Many other pundits and multiple media outlets have reported on the video (here’s an example from Buzzfeed). You may have a hard time finding a working link. FB, YT, and Vimeo are suppressing the video even though it has tens of millions of views. The director and on-screen interviewer is Mikki Willis, a New-Age Buddhist who had a video go viral a couple of years ago.

The main part of the preview focuses on the life of a woman named Judy Mikovits. There is an entire page dedicated to her at Snopes has a lot to say about her as well. Many people think she is the golden child of scientific and Christian integrity. But the reality is much more messy. Be careful when interacting with people where Judy is concerned. They will attempt to pillory you (I am speaking from experience).

She has a BS in Chemistry and a PhD in biology. Her thesis had to do with HIV. She is not an important scientist in any sense, but a hagiography is building around her. The video claims her work revolutionized HIV treatment. But the PNAS paper coming from this research has been cited only a few times. I do not know why she was second author on a paper that is supposedly at the center of her doctoral work.

She worked for labs in Maryland, Michigan, and Nevada. Her main claim to fame is a retracted 2009 paper that claimed a virus, XMRV, caused chronic fatigue syndrome. The cancer cells were cultivated in mice before she searched for the virus, providing all sorts of opportunity for contamination. The retraction notice in Science cited “poor quality control issues in a number of specific experiments” and a failure of her lab and others to validate the findings. She has also been accused of fabricating results (duplicate figures).

What a mess: She was fired from her job in Reno, NV, then was arrested in California on an out-of-state warrant (directly contradicting statements she made in the video) and spent five days in jail for theft. She was accused of having laboratory notebooks, a computer, and other things in her possession that belonged to the company, but the lab books may have been locked in her desk the whole time. Charges were eventually dropped. I do not know why. But the director of the lab was in trouble for making illegal campaign contributions and the judge had to recuse himself from the case because he had received some donations from this guy. She then turned around and sued both the company and multiple employees, but this lawsuit was dismissed on technical grounds (she failed to provide documentation in time).

She claims to have discovered evidence that millions of people were being killed, getting cancer, and/or developing autism due to XMRV contamination of vaccines. But note that her 2009 paper had nothing to do with this and there is no other publication record for her to support the claim. A 2006 paper (that she was not part of) incorrectly concluded XMRV was present in prostate cancer cells and has also been retracted.

She wrote a book in 2014 Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases. This week it exploded onto the best-seller list.

She worked under Frank Rusetti at NIH for several years but claims none other than Anthony Fauci told her in an email that she would be arrested if she returned to Rusetti’s lab. Fauci uncategorically denies this allegation.

I anticipate that many people are going to ask us about this. Many others will be influenced by the ideas promulgated in the video and in the upcoming documentary. We are going to have our hands full. I also suspect that the US government has lost the information battle about vaccines. But, for the sake of my fellow Christians I intend on keeping up the fight. If they can get suckered by such malevolent people, they can easily fall into heterodox or even heretical positions. Yet I am afraid I am not up to the task. I am but a loudmouth on a bully pulpit. Soil Deo gloria.


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  1. Scott Hester

    Thank you for this response, sir !

    • Michelle

      I see you only publish comments that agree with your reasoning. This is incredibly disappointing to see a Christian scientist censor dissenting comments.

      If you cannot see the errors in your reasoning and have no desire to admit to them or fix them, it seems to me this lacks an attitude of integrity and excellence which is called for by Scripture.

      Many people, both Christian and non-Christians will see right through this fallacious reasoning as well and this will ultimately speak poorly of high level Christian scientists.

      • Robert Carter

        No, it is a simple matter of time and attention. I am all for a vigorous debate, but I am just learning this system and there are many jots and tittles to take care of. It was easy to approve comments that required no response.

  2. Michelle


    I appreciate your pointing out the errors in reasoning in this video. I do agree the video has a lot of speculation. I also agree that it lacks sufficient evidence to back up the claims and that the lines of reasoning used are lacking.

    Unfortunately, you seem to succumb to a number of fallacies in your argument against her as well. Here’s some examples:

    -I trust what my coworker says in his article on vaccines more than her.
    -She states…about flu vacs in Italy but provides no proof (leaving us also hanging, but seems to imply that therefore she shouldn’t be trusted or it’s not true)

    -The glossing over of the potential harms of the Bayh-Dole Act, because it benefitted you. You did admit it could be used for harm, but again left the argument hanging with heavy implications but no sufficient evidence to prove benefit or harm

    – You brought up suramin for autism and shot it down simply because she didn’t present evidence (yes, I agree she should have been more detailed with sources, but for you to continually discount the video and her reasoning as bunk with a primary reason being it lacks supporting evidence is fallacious (appeal to ignorance)
    – “I have no reason to trust anything being said, in fact, I refuse to.” (quite the generalization after you already agreed with her on some points)
    -“You need to unbelieve it, these people are not telling the truth” (but how would you know if there is insufficient evidence?)

    -People who make incorrect predictions should be laughed at (how do you know the predictions are incorrect? Encouraging people to laugh at them? hominem much?)

    – As for thinking masks can’t harm health – also not true-

    And from pre covid19 times-

    -“Based on the pattern of what she’s saying I dont trust this woman.”(what are you implying? Seems like you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing her of doing?)

    -Your conclusion- “This material is dangerous. The people are not telling the truth. Beware.” (a lot more hasty generalizations)

    I would love to see a redo of this rebuttal video without the fallacious reasoning and with more direct evidence supporting your claims about things like suramin, Bayh-Dole, masks, seawater, etc…

    Thanks for considering!

    • Robert Carter

      Actually, I did redo this video. I took out some of my weaker points and I deleted extraneous material. You can find it on the Biblical Genetics Facebook page.

  3. syoung

    ‘To this point in your video everything is circumstantial and lacks documentation’…Thats what you said about her video but rings true for yours as well. 2,300 Dr.s in over 30 countries recommending hydroxychloroquine is more than anecdotal. I don’t see how you demonstrated she is a liar. All I know about you is you have on a t-shirt that says something on the left sleeve. You’re saying we shouldn’t believe him (the Dr. whose name you ID’d) but we should believe you. And you make the conclusion she said sand in the sea will cure covid 19. She did not say that. So did you just demonstrate yourself to be a liar?….Speaking of misinformation, I’d say you are almost an expert. When was the last time a pandemic was used to shut down US economy? Not saying everything in the interview with this Dr. was spot on but if they were to document and back up everything like you want ( and btw you didn’t either) this 26 minutes would have been 2 hours. For me it just raises some flags regarding shutting down a country for 6 plus weeks for 100 cases here in my part of it where over 300,000 people live; and 8 deaths, none in over 30 days, and all in an assisted living center. In closing I am a Christian and I like the verse 2nd Timothy 1:7 when thinking about a corrupt government telling me I should stay inside for months on end. As well are my parents and they are 77 and 79 and can see there are ulterior motives at play here from the government.

    • Robert Carter

      I said nothing bad about HCQ, but the science is still equivocal, no matter how many doctors recommend it. There was a definite link in the video between Covid-19, the sea, and the closing of beaches. She was not talking about anything else. Also, there is zero evidence that salt water or sand can cure Covid-19. Exposure to sunlight might help with vitamin D production and exposure to salt water might help dry up poison ivy or clear up some skin rashes or lung gunks, but to say anything else is inherently dangerous. The ‘lie’ I accused her of was when she said the flu shot increased risk of getting “Covid-19”. Not only was this virus unknown when the study was performed, but the study concluded that the flu shot did not cause an increased risk of other infections. Finally, I deliberately stayed away from the government conspiracy angle.

      • syoung

        Staying away from the gov. conspiracy angle eh? Who was it that said ‘no church services’? And also said planned parenthood can stay open?…Your friendly church deacon? I believe she mentioned the beach because being outside in fresh air and sunshine helps our immune system stay strong naturally. And I’d go back and watch again to see what she said specifically, but guess what? Video has been taken down. Doesn’t meet community standards. But of courses you know you can still find unbelievable videos on you tube…now they say ‘this video may be inappropriate for some viewers’ and a box you can click on that says ‘I understand and with to proceed’. For me, that’s just another flag going up. I’m sorry sir, don’t wish for you to think I’m aiming more vitriol in your direction, I want the truth. And to dismiss government involvement and it’s reaction to current events seems naive to me. Here’s an article written recently by a fellow named Bryan Fischer and Fauci’s response to HCQ way back in 2005 and the SARS outbreak which according to this article was/is also a corona virus. Perhaps Mr. Fischer is full of crap himself and made this whole article up. I guess if anything you’ve done for me is to make me think I should question everything…no matter who says it. But if the article has some truth in it, then why on earth would Fauci now say not so fast on HCQ? And why would some Governor’s (NY and Mich. to name 2) prohibit the drug being prescribed? Here’s the link:
        I’d be interested to hear your thoughts after reading this article.

  4. Jon Dykstra

    I really appreciated this, but I know many a person who prefers reading to listening (it is much faster). So can you also post the transcript you were reading from?

    • Robert Carter

      That is an option I am looking at, but automatic transcriptions are riddled with typos and I don’t want to spend time typing up a script. We’ll see.

  5. Michelle

    I also strongly urge you to look into retroviruses. The FDA even has an article here:

    And for a very thorough interview with Stanley Plotkin under oath: here is the transcript

    Here is the video of the deposition:

    The following is true not just for
    Covid19 times but for all time and should be even more important for Christian scientists as it shows a deep integrity and commitment to excellence.

    “True experts will welcome our ‘intrusion’ into their space. Unlike the moral guardians who believe their insights trump those of the plebs, those genuinely fighting to help solve the coronavirus crisis know that this is a battle that will take place on many fronts – the scientific, the political and the social. They know, too, that it will be wrong and counterproductive for them to isolate themselves from public debate. Their self-value rests upon how well they can respond to public pressure. As Erwin Schrödinger, the great Austrian physicist, put it: ‘If you cannot – in the long run – tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless.’
    To optimise outcomes, we need to strengthen, not weaken, the division of labour between experts and non-experts. We also need to insist that it is a moral imperative, a duty that falls upon all of us, to question the experts. This ought to be the message of our times.” -Dr. Norman Lewis

    • Robert Carter

      I skimmed the material and I agree with some of it. The potential for viral contamination is a real concern. Problem is, Mikovitz had her work retracted, then published a paper (she was second author) that supported the retraction. She actually has no evidence that the virus she found was actually contaminating vaccines. If they demonstrate something otherwise in the full movie, we can revisit the topic, but as far as I understand it, she has no case.

  6. Trish

    I also heard Dr Rashid Buttar speak abt these issues on this podcast. I would love to hear your thought on his remarks as he gave a lot more facts to go with his theories.

    • Robert Carter

      I’m not a huge fan of him either. But I can’t critique his > 1 hr video here. I simply don’t have time and I want to focus on the biblical aspects of genetics, not governmental conspiracies.

  7. Alice

    Dear Dr C,

    Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your logic and perspective.
    Bless you

  8. Dev

    Thank you. I listened to that woman, and detected in her speech and mannerisms strong deception on my own. Your video confirmed what I saw and heard.

  9. Becky

    Thank you. I really appreciate you walking through specific examples of how this information is false and skewed. Thank you for taking the time to explain things in an way that is easy to understand. is for anyone interested in exploring the deeper aspects of human history, but a history informed by the Bible.  

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